While rowing with the U23 National Team, during the summer of 2016, in Princeton, I decided to chronicle my time with a daily haiku. I only remembered to write a daily poem for one of the three months I was there, but it’s the thought that counts, am I right?? Here’s a window into my experience.

June 6

Pennsylvania tolls

Robbed us of all our money

Cross country drive? Check.

June 7

Grocery store run-in:

“Do you row for Wisconsin?”

That’s what my shirt says…

June 8

Hogwarts or Princeton?

Campus lives up to the hype

While we wait to row

June 9

This isn’t port stroked…

Let’s all row the other side.

Adapt from day one…

June 10

Two wrong turns later

Mango snacks make trip worthwhile.

I love Trader Joes.

June 11

This is the point where

I realize how hard this

is going to be.

June 12

I’m in a fishbowl

Erging in the Thunderdome

While tourists watch

June 13

“Doing steady state

is physiological

quinoa; rice and beans.”

June 14

Moved camp from Princeton

to the windy Mercer Lake.

Back in the four seat.

June 15

My technique is bad,

but the boat is still running.

Not the slowest four.

June 16

Well, my fat ergo

looks kinda skinny on a

list of fat ergos

June 17

They’ve been telling me

to prepare my stroke early

for years. Just got it.

June 18

Dragon boat races

pushed us off of the water

so we get erging.

June 19

This father’s day is

different with the absence of

my father’s father.

June 20

Was not expecting

an average ride home to be

a window to fam

June 21

Rowed the Empacher

from the 1996 Olympics.

Living the quad lyfe.

June 22

Watching the men’s trials,

I see firsthand, Olympic

dreams made and shattered

June 23

Pieces on water

And good pieces of sushi

with pieces of art.

June 24

Thanks to Mendocean

I was well prepared for the

whitecaps on Mercer

June 25 

Misplaced my wallet.

Good thing the best adventures

don’t need the big bucks.

June 26

Yogis and their zen

community help me see

work-outs; not rowing.

June 27

Harvard and hiccups.

Yale bakes us Reeses cup-cakes.

Ivies aren’t so bad.