Rowing Rib Injuries 101

Rib injuries are the most mysterious and frustrating of rowing injuries. They nag slowly and face the rower with a difficult decision. Push through the pain or stop training until it’s “gone.” They crop up seemingly expectantly, they involve obscure muscles, they can’t be treated and a the rowing world still doesn’t know that much about them. According to World Rowing, rib injuries have increased … Continue reading Rowing Rib Injuries 101

Instagram Accounts All Rowers Need to Follow

  The Essentials Row2k Row2k is where all rowing news unites. They take and publish the best pictures at every major regatta, they collect every article about rowing that shows up on the web, they are rowing. If you get Re-grammed by Row2k you’ve officially made it. USRowing It’s unpatriotic to not follow USRowing. They generally grab pics that are “the best” of other rowing accounts … Continue reading Instagram Accounts All Rowers Need to Follow

How to Off-Season Train w/o Hating Yourself

Burnout Adjective Used to describe uncool group of high school kids in the movie Mean Girls The feeling of indifference rowers get when they have pushed themselves too hard for too long and can’t make themselves care about rowing anymore. Synonyms: Mental Overuse, “Tapped Out” “How did your erg pieces go today??” “It went fine. I’m happy I finished. I’m just trying to make it … Continue reading How to Off-Season Train w/o Hating Yourself