How to Off-Season Train w/o Hating Yourself

Burnout Adjective Used to describe uncool group of high school kids in the movie Mean Girls The feeling of indifference rowers get when they have pushed themselves too hard for too long and can’t make themselves care about rowing anymore. Synonyms: Mental Overuse, “Tapped Out” “How did your erg pieces go today??” “It went fine. I’m happy I finished. I’m just trying to make it … Continue reading How to Off-Season Train w/o Hating Yourself

Don’t Settle for “Good”

I was eating lunch with recruits today, answering questions about the program and gushing my love of Wisco in an attempt to get these kiddos to sign an NLI and follow in my footsteps. Naturally, when I got home I had some hard-core nostalgia about the last three years of rowing. I realized that my career can be classified into three stages. I think I’m … Continue reading Don’t Settle for “Good”