Time’s Up– The end of a collegiate rowing career

On the wall of the Wisconsin erg bay there is a countdown clock that ticks away the seconds, minutes and hours until the B1G Ten Championship regatta. It’s supposed to be motivating and give the team perspective. As a senior though, watching the clock slide into the single digits is more like waiting to be evicted.   This fall I really struggled to get back … Continue reading Time’s Up– The end of a collegiate rowing career

Open Letter to Wisco Heavies 16-17

Hello to my beautiful team,   I want you to know that I’m thinking about you and Madison while I’m out of town. It’s really strange to be seeing all of your facebook posts about running stadiums, logistics and hangouts, briefly consider joining you and then realizing that I can’t. I love/hate the snapchats jamming to tipsy in the erg bay and watching sunsets on the … Continue reading Open Letter to Wisco Heavies 16-17

Lessons from the Weiji

If there’s anything I’ve learned from rowing, it’s that it is impossible to know everything about rowing. Even grizzled rowing veterans who have been literally and physically hardened from years on the water, still have room to improve and learn. This year has been a huge learning curve for me on and off the water. I have learned incredible amounts about myself, but the biggest … Continue reading Lessons from the Weiji