Instagram Accounts All Rowers Need to Follow

  The Essentials Row2k Row2k is where all rowing news unites. They take and publish the best pictures at every major regatta, they collect every article about rowing that shows up on the web, they are rowing. If you get Re-grammed by Row2k you’ve officially made it. USRowing It’s unpatriotic to not follow USRowing. They generally grab pics that are “the best” of other rowing accounts … Continue reading Instagram Accounts All Rowers Need to Follow

Don’t Settle for “Good”

I was eating lunch with recruits today, answering questions about the program and gushing my love of Wisco in an attempt to get these kiddos to sign an NLI and follow in my footsteps. Naturally, when I got home I had some hard-core nostalgia about the last three years of rowing. I realized that my career can be classified into three stages. I think I’m … Continue reading Don’t Settle for “Good”

40 Ways you Know you Row for Wisco

1. You thought “challenge the accept” was a stupid phrase to paint in a stairwell until you realized it said “accept the challenge”   2. You’ve only finished the warm-up of the morning’s workout and you’re already wondering if there’s going to be hash-browns at breakfast   3. You know it’s going to be a long week when the forecast predicts winds from the north … Continue reading 40 Ways you Know you Row for Wisco