Transparent Training Center Tuesday

It’s sleeting in New Jersey, it’s dumping snow all over the Midwest and I am sitting outside on a sunny balcony in Southern California. I can’t complain.   I am very happy to be here. I have teammates erging all the mileage of this killer training plan at home in New Jersey. I have teammates who are sharing a bed and another sleeping in a … Continue reading Transparent Training Center Tuesday

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One Year in Princeton! AKA Never Trust Instagram

This week is the one year anniversary of moving to New Jersey and training with the National Team! Wow! Yeah! What a year! To people who have only been following me on Instagram I’m sure it’s looked awesome. That’s the beauty of social media. You can tell whatever story you want to tell. What you don’t see on my timeline is how difficult it was … Continue reading One Year in Princeton! AKA Never Trust Instagram

Fast Rowers, Crazy People

Think about the fastest rower you know. Ask yourself. What’s their defining characteristic? They could be could be kind or compassionate, but their defining characteristic is crazy, isn’t it? Nobody who is sane and normal will find success in the sport of rowing. Almost all fast rowers all have a major personality flaw that makes them irregular, but helps them succeed at the elite level. … Continue reading Fast Rowers, Crazy People

Ugly Cat Shirt is the Secret to Fat Ergos

This week was Wisconsin Women’s Rowing’s annual Bucky Days. It’s a three day festival of testing, to mark the end of the fall season. It includes a 6k, 4 mile run, one minute max test and 2k. It ends up being a brutal, stressful week, but it’s also kind of fun in a masochistic way.   This year, I was 40% bummed and 60% relieved … Continue reading Ugly Cat Shirt is the Secret to Fat Ergos

Lessons Learned from U23s

On the flight home from the U23 World Championships in Rotterdam last year I wrote this note in my computer: Things I’ve learned: -Never count out China -Never never never give up -Appreciate the people who will help you through the training, not the people who only acknowledge your success -Love your parents -Be nice always -Someone has to come in last place I was … Continue reading Lessons Learned from U23s

What do Selection Camp and Musical Chairs have in Common??

I’ve spent the last month living in Princeton, NJ at Under 23 Selection Camp. About thirty women from across the country applied and were chosen by USRowing to come to NJ and put together three fast boats that will compete at the U23 World Rowing Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria at the end of July.     It’s hard to describe what selection camp is like … Continue reading What do Selection Camp and Musical Chairs have in Common??

Rowing is Not “The College Experience”

Rowing in college is a totally different from the “traditional college experience.”  Being a D1 rower at a competitive school has not been what MTV/Rom-Coms/College Game Day/Project X made me expect college to be like.   Here’s the root this nostalgic epiphany:  during finals week I was crazy stressed out about school and rowing and went to get a power bowl at Forage after practice … Continue reading Rowing is Not “The College Experience”