Rowing Rib Injuries 101

“So let me guess,” the x-ray technician said to the rower waiting for the verdict on their injury. “You’ve recently been in a bar fight?” “What? No…” said the rower. “A motorcycle accident, maybe? Fender bender?” “No, I’m here because of a crew injury,” replied the rower. “No way!” the tech replied, “Normally, a rib fracture like this one are characteristic of high impact trauma. … Continue reading Rowing Rib Injuries 101

How to Off-Season Train w/o Hating Yourself

Burnout Adjective Used to describe uncool group of high school kids in the movie Mean Girls The feeling of indifference rowers get when they have pushed themselves too hard for too long and can’t make themselves care about rowing anymore. Synonyms: Mental Overuse, “Tapped Out” “How did your erg pieces go today??” “It went fine. I’m happy I finished. I’m just trying to make it … Continue reading How to Off-Season Train w/o Hating Yourself

Too skinny, Too Strong

Life advice: trying to set your friends up with your friends will probably end badly. Incredibly true. But totally not the moral of this story. Anyway. It started with a subtle name drop in a conversation with Him. Instead of mentioning how incredibly sweet, funny or intelligent She is, Her name prompted Him to talk about Her biceps. They were too big for him. Her traps … Continue reading Too skinny, Too Strong