NCAA Rowing Pre-Season Outlook

Wouldn’t it be fun if everyone was as hyped about women’s rowing as March Madness or college football? WELL GUESS WHAT?? I am that hyped. I’m so hyped for racing to get underway that I’m making all kinds of pre-season predictions. If you frequent /r/Rowing you’ll know that most of the predicting and “you pick ‘em energy” is devoted to the heavy men. I love … Continue reading NCAA Rowing Pre-Season Outlook

Lessons Learned from U23s

On the flight home from the U23 World Championships in Rotterdam last year I wrote this note in my computer: Things I’ve learned: -Never count out China -Never never never give up -Appreciate the people who will help you through the training, not the people who only acknowledge your success -Love your parents -Be nice always -Someone has to come in last place I was … Continue reading Lessons Learned from U23s