NCAA Rowing Pre-Season Outlook

Wouldn’t it be fun if everyone was as hyped about women’s rowing as March Madness or college football? WELL GUESS WHAT?? I am that hyped. I’m so hyped for racing to get underway that I’m making all kinds of pre-season predictions. If you frequent /r/Rowing you’ll know that most of the predicting and “you pick ‘em energy” is devoted to the heavy men. I love … Continue reading NCAA Rowing Pre-Season Outlook

Fast Rowers, Crazy People

Think about the fastest rower you know. Ask yourself. What’s their defining characteristic? They could be could be kind or compassionate, but their defining characteristic is crazy, isn’t it? Nobody who is sane and normal will find success in the sport of rowing. Almost all fast rowers all have a major personality flaw that makes them irregular, but helps them succeed at the elite level. … Continue reading Fast Rowers, Crazy People

Phone Notes: Winter Training 2017

The Badgers are on their annual winter training trip to Cocoa Beach right now, so when I found a note titled “Cocoa Reflections” in my phone today, I had to indulge my nostalgia and read what it said.   I wrote this on our way home, while killing time in the Orlando Airport because of a fugging 5 hour flight delay. (Classic Orlando Airport: worst … Continue reading Phone Notes: Winter Training 2017

Ugly Cat Shirt is the Secret to Fat Ergos

This week was Wisconsin Women’s Rowing’s annual Bucky Days. It’s a three day festival of testing, to mark the end of the fall season. It includes a 6k, 4 mile run, one minute max test and 2k. It ends up being a brutal, stressful week, but it’s also kind of fun in a masochistic way.   This year, I was 40% bummed and 60% relieved … Continue reading Ugly Cat Shirt is the Secret to Fat Ergos

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Cons and Pros of Dating a Female Rower

Top 5 Reasons to Date a Female Rower: Hello click bait for all you rowing gals! I went into this article expecting to be flattered, but as I got further into it, I felt like I was getting a backhanded compliment from a bitter, friend-zoned guy. The points are valid, but compare it to this article: Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Date a … Continue reading Cons and Pros of Dating a Female Rower