12506994_10205750837192556_1199590423_nMaddie Wanamaker has been writing forever, but she has only been rowing since the summer of 2012. She was recruited at a learn-to-row camp at Wisconsin, where she fell in love with the idea of being a rower.

Since then Maddie has immersed herself in boathouse life. She has revived the Wisco Heavies instagram page from a sad 400 follower base and publishes weekly content obtained by badgering (pun intended) coaches and managers for sick pics. She also works in the Wisco boatshop in her free time: rigging and derigging boats, cleaning anything and everything the boatmen can think of and fixing equipment that the men’s team breaks.

Maddie prides herself in her consistency. Since freshman sesason, her Wisconsin boats have finished in 3nd place every year at the B1G Ten Conference Regatta (N8, 2V8, V8) and 9th at the NCAA Championship (2V8, V8). She hopes to lead her team higher finishes in this, her final year, but a little part of her doesn’t want to break the 3nd/9th streak…

During the summer of 2016 she was invited to U23 Selection Camp at the US National Team Training Center. She surprised herself and earned a seat in the quad, which went to Worlds in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Although she was, and continues to be, disappointed by the bottom-of-the-field result, she feels incredibly privileged to have had the experience of rowing at an international regatta and wouldn’t trade the friendships and memories she made for anything.

After graduating from UW Madison this spring, Maddie is going to pursue elite rowing at the ARION Training Center in Saratoga Springs, NY. Although being an Olympian is a long shot, she has decided to commit to training for a calendar year and see what happens.

She plans to spend 2018 in Boston, MA getting a Certificate in Rowing Leadership at Community Rowing Incorporated (CRI). Her original plan was to head straight there after graduating this spring, but the lure of elite rowing was too strong to resist.

Eventually, Maddie wants to coach women’s rowing at a D1  college program. Her goal is to help young women build the confidence and strength that she has found through the sport.

She hopes you enjoy her writing and wishes you fast boats and flat water.


Check her out on her Wisconsin rowing bio, USRowing bio or her personal instagram for more.