Cons and Pros of Dating a Female Rower

Top 5 Reasons to Date a Female Rower:

Hello click bait for all you rowing gals! I went into this article expecting to be flattered, but as I got further into it, I felt like I was getting a backhanded compliment from a bitter, friend-zoned guy. The points are valid, but compare it to this article:

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Date a (Male) Rower.


Apparantly dating a male rower is like having a real life GI Joe doll as a boyfriend and dating a female rower is like having hungry alarm clock for a girlfriend.


Naturally, I was pissed and tried to write my own list of why you SHOULD date a female rower. I quickly realized that there are some serious cons. Eventually, it spiraled down into this:


Reasons NOT to Date a Female Rower

(accompanied by pics from my personal library)


She’ll eat you out of house and home



She can squat more than you



Her hands are disgusting



She won’t stop talking about rowing



She’s taller than you and still insists on wearing heels



She will never go out on a Friday night because of Saturday morning practice



She does everything with her teammates, and her teammates are crazyyy



She feels the need to be 10 minutes early to everything



She plays to win no matter what



She is always tired because she wakes up before dawn to row



She goes to bed at 9 and still schedules naps into her day



She puts more energy into her athletic performance than her appearance



If she has to decide between you and rowing, she will choose rowing.


This list made it seem like dating female rower is like dating a tired, hungry, athleisure-wearing, goal setting, psychopath, so I went back to the drawing board. Turns out, a list of things we DO isn’t going to make us seem alluring because we do some insane sh*t to become great rowers. I think we are put in a better light when our attributes are highlighted rather than our actions.

That list looks more like this:

Reasons Why a Female Rower is a Good Life Partner

She values friendship and loyalty

She knows how to handle pressure and cope when things get tough

She has learned to support the people she loves by pushing them when they need it and comforting them when they don’t

She knows when to joke around and when to be serious

She has a big ego, but is simultaneously humble

She always knows what she wants to eat

She takes risks because she knows that failure is an opportunity to learn

She understands the importance of balance

She is confident and strong

She will never give up on something that is important to her


Being a rower makes having relationships inconvenient, but the sport of rowing creates really amazing people. Rowers have their quirks, but the positive attributes of dating a rower outweigh the negative side effects. She might be in the library, at home on a Saturday night, napping in the back of class or rippin an ergo at the boathouse, but if you can find yourself a rower to date, you won’t be disappointed. 



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