Instagram Accounts All Rowers Need to Follow


The Essentials



Row2k is where all rowing news unites. They take and publish the best pictures at every major regatta, they collect every article about rowing that shows up on the web, they are rowing. If you get Re-grammed by Row2k you’ve officially made it.



It’s unpatriotic to not follow USRowing. They generally grab pics that are “the best” of other rowing accounts so you get a good sampling of the American rowing scene. Juniors, college, and national team news all have a place here.



RowingRelated is definitely my favorite of these feeds. The photos they share are from accounts that are a little bit off of the beaten path, but are publishing breathtakingly-beautiful content.  I like that they give their followers a taste of international rowing as well, which is a cool window to have as a land-locked Midwest Rower like me.

The last blog post that their website published was in November. They were acknowledging how much time social media takes away from publishing internet content. If you find this RowingRelated, know that I would love to blog for your website. I’ll be free in May.



Columbia Lightweights

They’re the latest IRA champs, they have their Instagram handle written on the side of some of their boats, they’re constantly reminding us we should “just juke it.” Columbia lights are fun, fast and fratty. They sometimes make me cringe, they almost always make me laugh. Cheers Columbia. Keep up the good work.


Delaware 3V

In three letters, idk. No really, I have no idea where they come up with some of this stuff. Their photoshops are so bad they’re good, their captions are long and detailed, but worth reading. I love this account, but it occasionally makes me feel like something hilarious happened while I was in the bathroom and my friends can only explain the situation by telling me “you had to be there.”


Fat Ergos

Fat ergos glorifies the erg. “Ripping a fat ergo” is now the only acceptable way to describe your workout, more rowers than ever are celebrating PRs with McDonalds food and everyone hates rowing in boats now, apparently. Fat Ergos has changed the game and amassed 13k followers in just under a year. We all asked ourselves why we like this account so much and all we could come up with was “WHY WOULDN’T YA???”

Rowing Brands



If you row, you own JL. Period. They are probably the most specialized and in my opinion the best rowing brand on the market. Made by rowers for rowers. They’ll ‘gram giveaways, news, fan pics, rowing pics, everything. Love JL. Live in JL.



Boathouse is the official brand of USRowing. They’re American made, their stuff is incredibly high quality and I like that their unisuits don’t have seams going down the middle of the butt. They also make products for lacrosse, rugby and track to name a few.


Ade Lang

Ade Lang manufactures the infamous “rowing blazer:” The high class sports coat that gives rowing its preppy reputation. The Blazers are traditionally worn at The Henley Royal Regatta in England and are custom made with different colors and patterns for different rowing clubs. Their blazers are hot (and I don’t mean temperature). Their insta is fire.

College Rowing

16216022_10208497925908057_1618773561_n.png 16295479_10208497667981609_2124280979_n.png

Washington Rowing

Ya gotta follow the other UW. One of their coxswains has a drone and mad editing skills so they put out spectacular videos. They row in the shadow of the Seattle skyline, they are sponsored by Rp3, they are the home of “The Boys in the Boat” and Pocock Racing Shells.  They get two screenshots because I love their ‘gram so much.


Virginia Rowing

I say it reluctantly because I have been racing them the last three years, but UVA has a kick ass instagram. They have a good combo of humor, beauty and plain old rowing. They’re a good follow not only because they have a fun voice, but because they are a successful team. I’ll deny I said any of these things if you ask me in person fyi.

There are way too many college crews with cool ‘grams. I could do a whole feature just on them. If you’re interested hit up:

@harvardheavies@ywcrew@badgerwltrowing@calcrew@stanfordwcrew@bu130rowing, etc.

National Team Rowers


Gevvie Stone

Gevvie is way more than an Olympic silver medalist in the women’s 1x. She’s a Boston based, Princeton Alumna, who just finished med school and is about to start her residency. Lol yeah. Same here. She is everything goals.


Andy Campbell

THEandycamps. Yes. THE. He’s America’s lightweight, sculling poster-boy. I know him mainly because he’s sponsored by Red Bull and posts about it a lot, but that’s not the reason I like following him so much. My favorite part of following Andy is seeing what his younger sisters @mkcamps and @ladyccamps comment on his pics. You can be an Olympian and brand ambassador, but your little sisters are still going to try to mess with you. It’s amazing.

16215599_10208500815980307_1795654917_n.png 16244199_10208500815540296_832581323_n.png

Felice Mueller and John Graves

Felice and John are both Michigan grads rowing full time at the national level. Felice rowed the pair in Rio this summer and John was in the quad that was robbed of Olympic qualification by hundredths of a second. If you’re looking to follow some ROWmance, this is your couple. They are hilarious, outdoorsy, adventurous and ambitious. A serious power pair.




The Sculling Fool Instagram, run by Igor Belakovskiy, is a love letter to Boston rowing. His photography isn’t some shot from a launch with an iPhone 5 stuff. It’s high quality and captures what it feels like to row on the Charles in every season. It makes me want to move to Boston.



I have learned a ton from following Rp3. They obviously promote the rowing machine and brand they have invented, but their posts are also incredibly educational. Who doesn’t love educational social media?? They give examples of good rowing and then break down WHY it’s good rowing. I follow them because I think that having them pop up in my news feed gives me the tools to row well.


Rowing Celebration 

If rowing with the silver fern wasn’t on your radar here’s your introduction. Rowing Celebration is the Row2k of New Zealand. They take a lot of pics at regattas and act as a hub for rowing in the southern hemisphere. I follow them for their beautiful photography, I stay for their witty captions and kiwi slang. Mate.

If you’re still wanting more, here’s a shameless plug for my personal Insta @mad_wana. I am leagues below these accounts, but wishful thinking is key. Happy ‘gramming!


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