Wish you were here

a product of Dutch insomnia:


In the throes of my rows

the feeling

it grows


home sickness?

stick with it.


Need to be home

home isn’t near

My future unclear


Wish you were here



Can’t shake the thought that rots my ambition

That rocks my position

success is a bummer


live your summer


I’m working

im wishing

Just barely existing

Rowing on water

Not a friend

Not a daughter


the middle no hindsight

international blind flight

a street fight

a long night

tell me I’m alright




It’s hard to soak it in

when you’re saturated

With doubts and fears

They’ve compounded for years

They come out in tears



The thrill of succes means the need to undress

Conflicts queue for address


expose all the flaws

Lane draws


Sloppy catches

We’ll be sloppy seconds


It’s lost on us

It’s costing

the race

My case?

The space

In my mind

That’s filled with self doubt

Runs away

Comes to play

as I lie in the dark


I struggle through time

Willing it to go faster

In my last year

As I long for adventure


Stilfed screams

Insomnia stilfles my dreams


“everything’s fine”

Lost in my mind

Losing time

growing near



Wish you were here.


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