40 Ways you Know you Row for Wisco

1. You thought “challenge the accept” was a stupid phrase to paint in a stairwell until you realized it said “accept the challenge”


2. You’ve only finished the warm-up of the morning’s workout and you’re already wondering if there’s going to be hash-browns at breakfast


3. You know it’s going to be a long week when the forecast predicts winds from the north


4. You hate the mooring field by the Memorial Union Terrace and have had to hold water to avoid wrecking your sh*t on a sailboat


5.You’ve finished a row with ice on the back of your turtle vest


6.You’ve been caught out at sea when the Mend-Ocean attacks


7.You run into the nearest corner when the song “Dancing On My Own” comes on


8.You fear the NORO virus


9.You are angry with the person who broke the water tab off of the badgermax machine because you’ve accidentally added grape badgermax to your water one too many times


10. You know that a good power curve = $


11.You’ve cried at the Wakulla at least once


12. You’ve done a 6 x 2k on a Saturday morning while waterfront frats pregamed and yelled demeaning things at you.


13.You can name at least three obscure dances (but actually, what’s a Balboa?)


14. You’ve been told to stack your bottom three vertebrae more times than you can count


15.You know the Rock River is the crown jewel of Midwest rowing venues


16.You’re about to start a petition to bring bagels forever back into the snack room


17. You hope your boat doesn’t end up with the brown oars, but if you do you hope for oar #2


18. You’ve shamelessly napped on the black couches in the community room


19. You’ve rowed on water so bad it’s almost funny


20. You’ve given up explaining how your arms aren’t the strongest part of your body


21. You can see your friends coming from a mile away in the winter thanks to The Puff


22. You pray for south winds


23. “GO! GO! GO!” has been yelled at you


24. You can name all of the boathouse dogs


25. You still don’t really know what you’re supposed to be doing when you’re pulled over to use the Last 500 machine


26. You realize all of the other UW sports think rowing is a joke


27. You realize the other UW athletes couldn’t handle a 5 x 5


28. You’re scheduled to row at Wingra in the morning and are already mentally preparing to lose feeling in your feet


29. You knew you were legit when you finally got a bag tag on your backpack


30. You know that a stampede and yelling in the morning isn’t a fire or an emergency: it’s the men’s team launching


31. You’ve had a pair of underwear cut off your laundry loop because you thought you might be able to get away with it just this once…


32. Even when disguised as steady state, but you know 3×19 minute pyramids are AT


33. You enjoy being perfectly whelmed


34. February is your least favorite month


35. The phrase “crossfit Friday” makes you groan


36. You can’t stop yourself from racing NARPs up Bascom Hill


37. 80% of the people liking your Instagrams are rowers


38. You know having hash browns, ham and cheddar eggs and steel cut oats for free breakfast simultaneously is the rowing equivalent of the holy grail


39.You covet other sports team’s issued shoes


40. You hate Wisconsin winter, but can’t wait for Wisconsin spring


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