Don’t Sit in My GD Seat

I have never seen these most of these people before. Never.

In every class I’ve taken in college I pick a spot. I sit in a very particular chair because of the lighting, layout of the room, the people who are in the class, whatever. I always sit in the exact same place and I always have very specific reasons for sitting there.

When people who don’t ever come to class and sit in my spot. I get angry. Very angry.

So the last class before finals week, there are people have never come to class. And they sit in my spot. It’s not okay.

I have sat here every day, I have been here every class period. I sit there. Where have you been since the class started?

But really?

What do these people do if they’re not going to class? I have rowing and…just rowing actually…but I manage to make it to class. If I didn’t go to class I would just be chillin around the apartment looking for stuff to eat. What are they doing?

Living in the weight room at the SERF, smoking cigars in the basement of their frat house, maybe casually binge drinking on a Tuesday morning, or possibly sipping mimosas on a yacht in Nantuckett. I have no idea what they’re doing. (Netflix probably).

Whatever they’re doing. I think those people are stupid. Education is really expensive (Because you didn’t know that my college student reader). If you calculate how much money an individual class costs (which I’ve never done so don’t check my math lol). It’s at least $50 per lecture, discussion whatever. That’s a lot of money. You could almost buy one article of clothing at Urban Outfitters with that amount of cash!

The waste when a student doesn’t go to an entire class is crazy. Why not show up to learn from someone who is experienced and knowledgeable in the field while you can? It’s a no brainer. You’re in school to learn and everything else is just a perk. PLUS. As a registered member of that class, that person is taking a seat from someone who might have needed that specific credit to graduate.

It’s selfish. It’s wasteful. And you’re sitting in my seat.


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