Too skinny, Too Strong

Life advice: trying to set your friends up with your friends will probably end badly. Incredibly true. But totally not the moral of this story. Anyway. It started with a subtle name drop in a conversation with Him. Instead of mentioning how incredibly sweet, funny or intelligent She is, Her name prompted Him to talk about Her biceps. They were too big for him. Her traps … Continue reading Too skinny, Too Strong

“Become Badger Basketball’s Bestie”

In the wake of Badger Basketball’s run to the NCAA championship, I came across an article one of my Facebook friends had shared titled: “How to become best friends with the B-Bball team.” Or something. To become their friends they recommended: -live near the kohl center -take bullshit classes -be one of their note-takers -and maybe one other stupid thing that is very unlikely to … Continue reading “Become Badger Basketball’s Bestie”