Wash your hands

The other day, I was washing my hands at the boathouse.

That opening line is gripping I know. Hold onto your hats everyone this is gonna be good.

Anyway. While I was scrubbing away with soap and hot water because I was recently ill and don’t want to get others sick, one of my team mates came out of the stall and joined me at the sink.  I watched her squirt a small bit of soap on her hands, turn on the water for just long enough for the soap to slide off her hand into the sink and leave the bathroom.

Really? I’m super glad that one little strip of your hands touched some soap.


Why even get your hands wet? If you’re just going to “wash your hands” to make it look like you’re not ratchet you don’t deserve to waste paper towels on drying your still germ infested hands.

Sometimes I don’t wash my hands. There I said it. I can’t go preaching on the mountaintop about the importance of hand washing because I honestly don’t really care that much.

I just thought it was funny that some people actually go through the motions to make it seem like they’re not filthy animals. If you’re going to be nasty just own it. I do. I’m sure the pioneers didn’t wash their hands after shitting in a hole in the woods and that’s not what ended up killing most of them. We’re going to be fine.

Just know that people notice. No more of this whimpy, wishy-washy stuff. Wash your hands for real or don’t do it all. .


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