Rowing is Not “The College Experience”

Rowing in college is a totally different from the “traditional college experience.”  Being a D1 rower at a competitive school has not been what MTV/Rom-Coms/College Game Day/Project X made me expect college to be like.   Here’s the root this nostalgic epiphany:  during finals week I was crazy stressed out about school and rowing and went to get a power bowl at Forage after practice … Continue reading Rowing is Not “The College Experience”

Rib Injuries 101

Rib injuries are the most mysterious and frustrating of rowing injuries. They nag slowly and face the rower with a difficult decision. Push through the pain or stop training until it’s “gone.” They crop up seemingly expectantly, they involve obscure muscles, they can’t be treated and a the rowing world still doesn’t know that much about them. According to World Rowing, rib injuries have increased … Continue reading Rib Injuries 101